Radio Show

The purpose of The Lillian McDermott Radio Show is to Empower everyone, especially those who have forgotten they matter, and to create 100% Responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. Each week, our focus is to share friendly and respectful discussions that lead to growth.

From the wise unknown person to internationally renowned celebrity experts, all come on the show to share “Love and Knowledge”! I am so grateful that the show has allowed me to reach out beyond my “Circle of Close Friends,” to reach my “Listening & Viewing Friends” and share the message of Hope.

I believe that people do not need to have a PhD to give good, friendly advice. We just need to be a good friend and trust our intuition. That’s why was created: to offer a different perspective and be a friend to anyone who needs a good friend to turn to. It is my commitment to promote Healing and it is my mission to make Awareness, Responsibility, and Truth a part of our everyday lives…   I hope you, my Listening & Viewing Friend, will feel Empowered to Learn a “New Truth” and  live the Life of Your Dreams!

If you have any questions you would like answered or would like to request a specific topic for the show, don’t hesitate to contact me at or call me at 407-373-5959